Red Cloud Services

Red Cloud Services are a native american owned small disadvantaged business in Washington DC. We provide systems engineering services to the federal government.

The Next Generation Air Transportation System ("NextGen") represents a transformation from today’s ground-based air traffic control system to a satellite based navigation architecture that fundamentally changes all aspects of the ATC system including safety and operational procedures.

Critical are the roles and responsibilities of Humans at every stage.

Red Cloud Services responds to the Human Factors research, acquisition and analysis needs of government stakeholders for the full human factors lifecycle from literature review to final report development including:

  • Human-in-the-loop simulation expertise including unmanned aerial systems (UAS)
  • Conduct research on current and future concepts, interfaces and automation tools
  • Validation of mature concepts critical to success
  • Analyze the impact of automation across all domains
  • Perform studies on human performance situation awareness, workload assessment etc.

Our mission is focused on providing qualified Human Factors professionals in the field of  cognitive psychology, modeling & simulation and related disciplines for government systems development and acquisition. 

Current customers include the Federal Aviation Administration.